TJ002  Mary (Mere) Howard de Contreras and Abundio Contreras.   Married in 1897.   Parents of Hernán Howard Contreras tj564  Abundio Contreras tj565  Mary (Mere) Howard de Contreras tj257  Mary Howard Contreras and Abundio Contreras tj252  Mary Howard with parents, Thomas Howard and Ellen Keefe. Circa 1874 tj251  Mary (Mere) Howard.  Photo taken in New Orleans in 1880. Mary Howard married Abundio.  Only one son, Hernán Howard Contreras, survived to adulthood.
TJ012  Rio Grande City, Texas 1890.  Front row (seated) left to right: Juan Hinojosa, Casimiro Perez Alvarez.  Second row: Abundio Contreras, Abundio Treviño juanhinojosasr  Juan Hinojosa Sr. JuanHinojosa  Juan Hinojosa Sr. juan-honojosa  Juan Hinojosa, Sr.  Drawing by Fito Lamont pic xxmay1907  Rio Grande City around 1908. Top Row: Hernán H. Contreras ElizaHoward  Eliza Howard
TJ014  Eliza Howard de Hinojosa   Eliza was Mary Howard de Contreras' younger sister TJ134  Eliza's Baby:  one month three weeks old TJ104  Adelina de la Peña,  daughter of Silverio Peña and Eliza Howard. July 5, 1890 tj245  Adelina de la Peña, daughter of Silverio Peña and Eliza Howard. Rio Grande City. September 30, 1897 TJ011  Tomb of Silverio de la Pena.  Eliza's first husband was Silverio. After she widowed she married Juan Hinojosa, Sr tj254  Hernan H. Contreras  1902 Portrait processed in New Orleans
tj330  Mary Howard de Contreras, Hernan H. Contreras, Abundio Contreras  Family portrait 1903 tj331  Hernan H. Contreras 1905 TJ020  Hernan H. Contreras 1907 tj259  Hernan H. Contreras TJ052  Hernan H. Contreras.  Hernan in uniform on side of house at 310 Mirasoles St. in Rio Grande City TJ003  Hernan Howard Contreras in Texas A & M cadet uniform. Hernan graduated as a mechanical engineer in 1923
TJ048  Hernan H. Contreras TJ050  Hernan Contreras with friend TJ051  Hernan Contreras tj146  Hernan H. Contreras with friend TJ056  Juan H. Hinojosa, Jr. TJ016  Juan H. Hinojosa, Jr.
TJ032  Juan H. Hinojosa, Jr.  Juanito at the fair in San Antonio. 1909 tj202  Juan H. Hinojosa Jr.  1914 TJ018  Juan H. Hinojosa, Jr. in Texas A & M cadet uniform. Juan graduated in 1928 juanhinosoajr(pipe-hat)  Juan H. Hinojosa. Jr. tj201  Juan H. Hinojosa Jr. Captain 1944 juanhinojosajr(1  Juan H. Hinojosa. Jr
TJ009  Rail Road Apprentice class 1925  Hernan is 6th person from left on front row TJ126  Mary Howard (Mama Mere)  Married Abundio Contreras TJ044  Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico TJ045  Harvey Biedler TJ067  Victor Contreras.   Brother of Abundio Contreras tj253  Abundio Contreras and Mary Howard de Contreras about 1914
TJ064  M. Contreras  Brother of Abundio Contreras. pic hargrove  Baby Hargrove  Child of Mr. & Mrs. S. M Hargrove. Picture dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. A. Contreras. 19xx TJ060  Emilia  Picture dedicated to Mary Howard TJ101  Jose Maria Almaráz.  Dedicated to Mary Howard. March 12 1881 TJ106  Rudolph Hovey.  Post Card dedicated "To my Mother's most dear friend, Mrs. Mary Contreras from Rudolph Hovey. TJ118  Hernán H. Contreras  First Communion. 1909.
TJ108  Delivering up chairs for a function in Brooks home.  Dreamland Theatre can be seen in background TJ125  Father Pedro Tonson  Missionary priest. Picture dedicated to Mary Howard Contreras. 1913 tj560  Estela Perez de Contreras tj561  Hernan H. Contreras tj282  Hernan H. Contreras at our home in McAllen, Texas.  I'm in the background. 1946 tj283  Our home in "Liberator Village" in Ft. Worth.  1943
tj587  Evelina Guerra Halloween tj586  Hernan Contreras Halloween TJ033  Olive, wife of Juan Hinojosa, Jr., and  Juan Hinojosa III ( Punky) JohnHinojosaIII  Juan H. Hinojosa III (Punky) TJ022  Estela P. Contreras   Political gathering in McAllen, Texas tj585  Hernan and Evelina wedding -- June 25, 1966