charles-hienzt  Charles Heinz  Gertrude Heinz father. Evelina's Great-Great-Grandfather. hienzt-business  Charles Heinz's business and residence in Corpus Christi, Texas orie-mcnortom  Orie McNorton.  First communion Photo ORIE  Orie McNorton    Evelina's grandmother tj390  Gertrude Hienzt McNorton Davila  This is Evelina's Great-Grand-Mother TJ141  Orie McNorton   Orie is on the right.   She married Eugenio Longoria. She is Evelina's Grandmother
laura-davila tj562  Eugenio E. Longoria, Evelina's grandfather tj563  Orie McNorton Alicia-home  Alicia Longoria's home where she was born in McA TJ139  Second child from left is Alicia Longoria de Guerra.   Evelina's Mom is showing the "Longoria" frown tj260  Alicia Longoria
tj292  Orie Longogia, Gertrude Hienz, Alicia, Tia Rliza TJ109  Alicia Longoria (Gammer)  Alicia Longoria In High School tj389w  Alicia Longoria Guerra  First year in nursing school tj558  Alicia Longoria de Guerra tj559  Arcadio Guerra TJ114  Eugenuio Eloy Longoria
tj177w  Los Primos   Evelina, Mimsi, Melba and Junior pic salamon  Salemón pic three  Clarence, Pacho and Carlota Idar. San Antonio, Texas.  Postcard. Laura complained that they had to take the picture 3 times because each time one would move. tj290w  Laura Idar Carlota    Carlota is 9 years old tj293w  Tia Lencha Idar with children tj294w  Carlota Idar
COUPLE 3  Couples:  The Jacobson's, the Contreras' and the Guerra's: Estela and Hernan, Lalo and Alicia ev-young001  Melba's Birthday Party   Evelina, Gracie Gonzalez, Dolores De Leon, Buadelia Barrera, Irma Guerra, Coqui and Melba Guerra EVE ROG  Evelina with Rogie FAM3  Alicia, Evelina and Lalo rocket man  Rog on Rocket choo-choo  Rogie on the Choo-Choo.
ROG 1  Rogerio Guerra rog 53-54b  Rogerio School Picture ROG BABY  Rogie rog benjo  Rogie and Benjo ROG DOG1  Rog with family dog rog glasses  Rog with glasses
rog group  Rogie's Birthday Party   Evelina is on the backrow holding a child rog on horse  Rog on horse rog party  Rog's Party rog pinata  Rog's Pinata ROG PONY  Rog on Pony rog tuffy  Rogie with Tuffy
TJ098a  Lalo and Alicia  Lalo always carried this picture with him TJ108  Lalo and Alicia TJ110  Lalo in front of thier home on Gumwood TJ111  Lalo, Evelina and Alicia with Minnie in her arms TJ112  Alicia, Evelina and Lalo tj268  School Group picture  Eugene is marked with the arrow
tj269  Benjo 1957 tj587 tj586 tj271  Evelina with Milo Guerra  Presentation Ball October 25, 1958 TJ113  Evelina Guerra tj584  Evelina Guerra's bridal picture.
tj585 tj272  Eugene and Rogie   Home project in California ~ 1964 tj588 PIC 01 PIC 02  Alicia and Chavelita PIC 03
POC 04  Rogie, Alicia and Evelina