Miyako Air Station

Remote assignment while in the Air Force
tj205  Miyako Air Station, Miyako Jima, Ryuku Isllands.  March 1964 -- March 1965 tj235  Okinawa RyukyuCIA1  Miyako Jima is about halfway between Okinawa and Taewan 23 ah ryukyu islands, japan tj215  Miyako Air Port.  The airport had a coral based runway.  There was no terminal building, passengers waited for thier flihgt under a tree.  In this picture Fr. Martin is talking to the Air America pilot.  Air America was the primary airline that served Souteast Asia. tj226  Aerial view of our radar site.  The long building in the foreground is the barracks.  The small bldg infront of it is the hobby shop below are the tennis courts. Just to the right of it is headquarters and behind it the gym/theater. To the right is the NCO club and above behid it is the BOQ.  The radar site is on the upper right corner.
tj227  The radar site is on the highest point on the island.  This is the view the below, just outside the station. tj207  This is the view from the north side of the BOQ. tj209  Looking down on the station from "the hill." tj210  Nabaru Village just outside the site. tj211  Looking east from "the hill." tj213  Still looking south east from hill.
tj228  The BOQ also known as the "Miyako Hilton."  The motorcycle in the foreground is mine, Tohotsu with a single cycle engine.  I bought it for $50 and later sold it for $50. motor-bike  My motorcycle--a Tohotsu. tj206  View from in front of BOQ.  From left to right Maj William Elrige, Commander and 1st Lt. Bill Herren (Texas A&M class of '62. tj214  Bill Herren, Fr. Martin, our interperter, and Okumura Sen Sei discussing a possible deal with motorcycle dealer. tj216  Kazuo Okamura, Bill Herren and Fr. Martin.  Fr. Martin, a Cupcian Monk, was pastor of the local Catholic Church,  St. Patrick's. tj217  Main street in Hirari, largest city in Miyako.  Population about 50,000 in 1965.
tj219  One of the side streets in Hirari. tj221  Still in Hirari tj218  Three of the bank employees in my English class: Mr. Nakama, Mr. Shinto and Mr. Tomari. tj220  Harvest field not far from site. miyako-village  Nabaru Village tj222  A farmer with his daughter
tj208  Boy by door in Nabaru tj223  Remants from the past.  Three boys sit on top of one of several abandoned Japanese bunkers on Miyako.  Miyako was never invaded. tj224  Another view of bunker. tj225  Another view. tj230  Hernan Contreras before photo session tj229
tj231  Hernan and John McDonnough tj232  Smoking was cool back then. tj234  John McDonnough tj236  Fisherman sorting his fish. tj237  Bus tourof Miyako  setup by my English class tj238  On the bus
tj239  By the dam and hydroelectric plant tj240  Stopping for a picnic by the cliff next to the ocean. tj241  At the botonical garden tj242  Playing at the botonical garden tj243 tj212  This was the site of the most popular beach.  We called it "Colonel's Beach"
tj244  Charley Crew May 1965.  We grew a mustache for the project.  The photo was taken by studio in town. miyako-me  At entrance of bank.  Taught English to local group miyako-ivan  Ivan McRoy fellow officer at Miyako Air Station miyako-buddy  Mike Conners Radar officer at Miyako miyako-truck  One of the trucks in our motor pool. miyako-beach04  Local kids joined us at beach party.
miyako-road  Worker digging trench along road miyako-beach03  We called this the colonel's beach. miyako-beach02  Colonel's beach miyako-beach01  At the beach miy001  First merged panaramic view of the radar site taken from the "ridge." miy002  Second merged panaramiic view
miy003  Third merged image miy004  Fourth merged image miy005  Fifth merged image miy007  F4C's making "bubble check." miy008  F4C's overhead miy006  On the "ridge to view "buble checkers"
miy009jpg  F4's going away miy013  The only paved road, at the time that connected Hirara, the airport and the radar site. miy014  The paved road on its last bend entering the Air Atation. miy012  Airman at guard at the BOQ during an alert exercise. miy016  Relaxing in the BOQ lounge. miy015  The crew celebrating something at the NCO Club.
miy017  On the way to the loran site. miy018  Aproaching the loran station, manned by the USCG, on the east side of the island miy019  A friendly game of volley ball between our crew and the Coast Guard. There were about a dozen sailors assigned to that loran station. miy020  We were not very good at keeping score. Don't remember the score or even noting it. miy010  The Miyako air strip consisted of one lane oriented along the prevailing winds. I was amazed at the skills of the pilots landing here in a strong cross wind. miy011  Air America was the only airline that landed in Miyako. While the plane could land with a full load; it could not take off with a full load. C130's would once…
miy026  Outside a local bar in Hirara. miy027  Bill Herren, Texas A&M class of '62 at a local bar. I was also class of '62. miy021  My beautiful picture miy023  The old mansion of Miyako miy022  Another view of the same mansion. It must've been beautiful in its day. miy025  Chatting at the corner in Hirara
miy024  Another street scsne miy028  A local play at a theater in Hirara. I'm not sure what it was about, but it was quite entertaining. miy029  The make up of the actors was very traditional and impeccable. miy030  Another scene in the same play miy0031  I believe the sorcero is casting a spell of some sort miy032  Priest talking with nuns at St. Patrick's parish school in Miyako. Fr. Martin (not in the picture). an Irishman former fireman from Nee York, of course named…
tour003  The tour was set up by the the students of my English class. tour005  Descending the stairs to the base of the fresh water well in Miyako tour006  At the base of the well. tour004  Looking up from the bottom of the fresh water well in Miyako tour007a  Botonical Gardens in Miyako. One of the stops during our tour. tour007  The Botonical Garden in Miyako. One of our stops on the tour.
tour001  This is the site a German ship wrecked in a severe stomm off the coast of Miyako in the 19th Century. The locals, at great risk to themselves, rescued the… tour008  A monument erected by the orders of Wilhelm II to comemorate the rescue of the German crew. tour009  Looking into the lake formed by the Miyako dam. tour002  At the site of the dam tour010  Getting down the cliff for our picnic by the sea shore. tour011  The cliffs on the east side of the island. Phpto taken on our trek to our picnic while on our tour.
tour012  The site of our picnic. The views were spectacular, but it wasn't very comfortable. Each one of us had to find asuitable boulder to sit on. tour013  The view looking south. Notice the individual at the top of the cliff. It's rather steep, but not suitable for diving. The water is shallow for about 70… tour014  A view looking north. under16  A rather large star fish (about 18" across) in the shallows of Miyako. As we approched, it emitted a yellowish cloud from from a center orifice. It quickly…