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Margo Family Album
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Ruperto Margo with family
Ruperto Margo
Possibly a photo of Roberto Margo and Antonia Saenz. They were married in 1850 which would make this a very old photo if it is truly them
Ruperto Margo/Francisca Pena marriage license
Ruperto Margo with family
Ruperto E Margo - (Standing Rt w/ hat)
Enrique G Gonzalez - (Standing back)
Gregorio Margo & Pauline Morel Family. Ernesto (left, seated), Josefina (standing), Corina (seated), Pauline (mother, seated), Gregorio II (Duffy) (toddler),…
Ruperto Margo and family
Ruperto Margo Citizen ID Card for visits to Mexico (1910)
Antonio Margo. Enlargement of a photo enhance with charcoal {typical enlargement of the time)
Francisca Margo Porrait 1897