group 1919-20w  A & M College of Texas 1919-1920 Student body and teaching staff. TJ003  Hernán H. Contreras 1920 tj360  Company picture  1919-20. Hernan Contreras front row, second from right A-M-Company-1920w  Signal Corp Co. 1920  Hernán is in the front next to the tripod tj381  1919 Marsh, Contreras and Hammill, roommates tj361  Target practice Camp Vail
tj364 TJ005  Camp Vail tj367  Summer Camp Vail. An old picture I took last year that I hadn't seen until. We look hardboiled, don't we? tj339  Summer 1920  George Davidson, F. D. Griffith, McMortie, Conley, H. H. Contreras. In front of their tent in Camp Vail, N.J tj369  Hernán H. Contreras in the middle 1920 tj366  "H. C. Hammett, my present roommate. Marsh a friend of mine. F. O. Griffith, my roommate in my fish year." 1920-21.
tj382  Hernán H. Contreras 1920-21 tj371  "Beating the Baylor Bear's tail off." tj356  1922. The "Shock Troopers," a company composed of cadet officers marching in Waco tj359  The Baylor Ass  1922. "We paraded this mule throught the streets of Waco." tj337  The famous "T"   Half time in Waco 1922. TJ035  Guion Hall.  This building was razed in the 1960's for expanding the Memorial Student Center
tj370  1922. Waco.  "Picture of our monkey drill from airplane. The plane that took this picture certainly did get on our nerves by flying right over us." tj378  1922. Waco Corps Trip TJ004  1922. Waco half time. tj357  The Aggie Cake  "This cake was made to honor the football team. It weighed 500 lbs. I think all the letters were made of pieces of candy. They cut the cake into a lot of small pieces and gave it to the 1500 students here. I ate part of it and it was very good. I think it weighed 250 pounds instead of 500, I'm not sure. It had a very beautiful blend of color." 1922 tj362  Fighting the fire of the Mexican quarters. College Station 1922 tj363  Same fire -- different view
tj358  Electrical Engineering Building in front, the new Mechanical Engineering Building under construction to the right and the Academic Building on fore front right. Leggett Hall (dorm) to the left. Statue of Sul Ross in foreground -- left. 1923 tj368  F. O. Griffith My roommate tj372  G. A. Hollwell, Maj., H. H. Contreras, Capt., T. S. Jones, Capt. Adj., F. O. Griffith, 2nd Lt., H. C. Carroll, 1st. Lt. tj373  H. H. Contreras, Capt., F. O. Griffith, 2nd Lt., H. C. Carroll, 1st. Lt., T. S. Jones, Capt. Adj., G. A. Hollwell, Maj tj338  1923 Left to right" W. F. Adams, Capt. Hernán H. Contreras, Capt., H. C. Carrol, 1st Lt., T. L. Jones, Capt, Ajt. C. A. Hollowell, Maj. Signal Corp Staff. tj374  S. A. Newman, my roommate
tj375  S. A. Newman tj376  1922 - 23. S. A. Newman, my roommate.  The bottom windows are the windows to my room. tj377  S. A. Newman tj380  1923. H. H. Contreras, G. A. Hollowell, H. C. Carrol, W.F. Adams, T. L. Jones tj309  Capt. Hernán H. Contreras  College Station, 1923 TJ018  Juan Hinojosa  Class of 1928. Hernán and Juan were first cousins. Juan's mother, Eliza Howard de Hinojosa and Hernán's mother, Mary Howard de Contreras were sisters.